Now Ambulance Services can SLASH their operating costs thanks to the N3A Co-Op!

Equipment, material, insurance and labor costs continue to skyrocket and most ambulance services are feeling the pressure. That's why N3A is your best choice for improving the quality of your service while significantly reducing your costs.

N3A is a cooperative membership organization specifically designed to lower the costs of the equipment, materials, supplies, insurance, and retirement plans that you need to be a quality employer and to meet your community's service standards.

Using input from our members, we identify and develop the most wanted programs and then use our combined buying power to bring them to you at the lowest possible price. It doesn't matter if you operate one ambulance or twenty, you will save money when you join N3A.

Membership is only $250/year


Our Mission
We are a group of EMS professionals and support staff with one common goal; to provide the EMS community the best and, cheapest possible solutions to common problems EMS services face. We have three divisions, Insurance, Asset Management and Bulk Purchasing; All three work together in providing business solutions that "share" benefits.

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